About Page

A 'three column' page template


1. The theme has a 'centered' page template to centralise the inner page content in the browser window both vertically and horizontally. A good example of this is the privacy policy page. Centralising will become less apparent as page content grows, this is normal. Could be used for intro/splash pages with little content.

2. All audio, images and video will automatically show a white border and subtle box shadow (browser allowing).

3. Anything can be edited and/or deleted.

4. The six custom blocks included should help you create a stunning website.

5. The ‘Dio Background Image’ block allows a large image to stretch full width and height responsively to the browser window. Can be shown on a single a page or sitewide.

6. A ‘Dio Video Lightbox’ block for video pop ups.

7. The ‘Dio Feature’ block can be used in several ways to emphasise/promote pages or products with an option to link to an internal page.

8. The ‘Dio iframe’ block for adding any external video source in an 'iframe'.

9. An Mp3 block for any internal or externals audio files.

10. An Mp4 block for any internal or external mp4 files.

11. Page content has 'fade in' effect.

12. A 'lazyload' script is used to prevent media loading until seen in device viewport area (keeps page load fast).

Blockquote example for 5.7. Add a content block and text, then click the 'Wand' for 'Custom Styles', click 'Blockquote' and 'Save'.

For 5.8 add text and select all text, then click 'Blockquote' in the 'Styles' dropdown and 'Save'.

To add a CTA Button, shown below, repeat procedure for 'blockquote', except choose either the 'Solid Button' or 'Transparent Button' option.

NOTE: For any issues, feedback (good or bad), suggestions for improvements/additional features you would like to see, please post on the support page.


For help with setup read the 'Setup/Doc's' page.


Sidebar One

Although this sidebar shows first on the page it is in fact second in the source code.

We're using the css 'flexbox - order' rule to change position because we want the main content (middle section) to be seen first by search engines.

However, when seen by mobile devices this sidebar will become second in the viewport.

Adjust your browser to see content swap in action.

Sidebar Two

An area to place ads, offers, news, widgets, etc.

Image block template examples below.

Image block below using the 'dio-left' template

Demo image

Image block using the 'dio-center' template

Demo image

Image block below using the 'dio-right' template

Demo image